Lissome+Avossa - FIA, Food + Beverage, Thailand
food + beverage

Given the theme of natural, fun and picnic casual concept, we can relate to the outdoors with full of

activities. Roquette strives to give the best nutritious and friendly product. The overall view of the stand is

to play with one of their main colors to have a welcoming aura towards visitors.

The booth has 3 colours, which can make the whole booth stand out. The most important area is in the

middle where they have tasting area, which visitors get to taste and acknowledge the products they

provided with a touch of take and go concept. The most interesting about this booth is that we have custom-made seatings for the discussion area which reflects b ack to the concept of mobile picnic-ish de sign.

Our designer has been keyed to create an outstanding and eye-catching design. Custom-made seatings for the discussion area which reflects back to the concept of welcoming visitors from different background and different age. With the design, visitors can enjoy the feeling of having an indoor picnic and understand more about our client.