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The third largest university campus and it is well-known for its professionalism, outstanding reputation for the quality of their teaching and world-class facilities.

Our designer came up with the idea of plain and easy-access concept for the client and the students. The flow and the structure are immediately visible at a distance.

Along the pathway heading towards the event , is a blue trail which takes the whole part along the whole event and it shows the directions towards the event that was held. Blue color, is the key colored that they had as it symbolized confidence and intelligence, which the courses that they had provided.

The event had ample of chairs and tables for students to do their contemplation between the counselors to discuss their course s that the students are taking. The open concept which emphasizes more to make the area look more spacious with having few or no internal walls or partitions that blocks all the areas as to make the area more welcoming for the guests to visit.