Snalla - Multipurpose Hall, Interior, Malaysia

The theme of the multi-purpose hall is futuristic, mainly created for visitors to visit and have meetings, get to know more about the brand and explore what they are dedicating to the world. To create a comprehensive understanding of the curatorial discourse of the hall, our designer tried to combine the content with the special configuration as much as possible while maintaining its quality of futuristic, sustainable and unique.

There are arrows on the floor to lead visitors of where they are heading towards. There are also cut in product displays and awards on each wall, creating a stronger reliable sense. Intensive, artistic and unique experience of dreary exhibition halls and tired, dull fairs that fail to stimulate and excite visitors. Balancing the aesthetics of ephemeral architecture with the practicality of making full use of exhibition spaces.

The hall identifies the phenomenological aspects that influence the process of decision making, materializing the circumstances that promote a kinaesthetic experience between product and consumer.

It immerses the user in a continuous path and surface selection process through an interface of information organized in particular units of material on a consistent line of sight.