Morgonen - Education, Studies, Malaysia

Creativity and invention are dependent on space and the architectural work is often a challenge to achieve. The pattern results in a dynamic mixture of groove lines and acrylic and transparency of the object’s skin gives depth to the object. Along with the groove lines and colors that our designer played with, brought out the liveliness and excitement, creating a very brand-new side of them. Design features such as the customized circular metal discussion table with a roller beneath, gave the booth a distinctive identity.

Placing the poster facing out of the booth attracts more attention. Students and parents are welcomed to sit and discuss freely at any part of the booth. As for why we chose to use acrylic instead of glass, because it does not require as much electricity which is more eco-friendly. Sufficient amount of brochure racks is given too with enough support. The ‘M’ draws a lot of attention, mixing together with the fluorescent tube lights, it is a perfect match, giving the booth a beautiful and inviting aura. There is even a private discussion space behind the ‘M’ maximizing the area of discussion.