Ingång - FEA, Oil + Gas, Thailand
oil + gas

Exhibition design has evolved as a new discipline, as an apex of all media and powers of communication and of collective efforts and effects. The combined means of visual communication constitutes a remarkable complexity. The total application of all material means makes exhibition design an intensified and new language.

Having two sides of touchscreen gives the visitors a chance to experience information that is being conveyed to them. Layering of the booth gives depth of perception from the discussion area to the backwall. There is a TV available on the l eft wall to have visitors interacting nearer to the map as well, having information to read about.

There is a VR section available at the back of the booth, visitors get to interact with this gadget. The discussion table comes with drawers at the side to have more storage for brochures or other important documents. More information is at the side and at the back of the booth to g ain visitor’s interest.