Emiliano - Archidex, Materials, Malaysia
laminate manufacturer

Library interiors start with audience appeal, are sympathetic to the building and have built-in sustainability. Greenlam Laminates suggested us to build a library concept that is comfortable to look, accommodate all ages and levels of mobility as well as styles and colours.

We created the walls with their laminates as they are proven to well cut into different sizes of shapes and as smallest cut that can be cut beautifully to emphasize their laminates.

The design is an aromatic, enveloping, raw space in contrast to the refined, modern elements presented inside on laminate pattern displays niches interwoven in and onto the walls.

By adding more laminates to the walls of the booth such as gold laminates to offer royal touches and gold represents prosperity. We tried our best to be representation of our client with their vision and identity. Green is the color of life, renewal, nature, and energy, which is the focal point of the whole booth that highlights the meaning of sustainability as to react to the presence of visitors through color stimuli.

Adding some baby breath’s to the walls of the booth that creates the form of delicate and pureness to the booth’s with the touch of light fitting that enhance the delicate plant.

The material sample description wall is to let the customer’s to know more about the material that they had and act as a bookshelves to reflect back the concept of the library.