Company Profile


Number of Staff 68

Number of Factory 04

Main scope

Construction & services

Retail & corporate interiors

Thematic & museum

Worldwide exhibitions & events

Our Services

Total inventory of USD3,500,000 in production

Correspondence within 24 hours

Our materials are environmentally protected

Design concept provided for all individual clients

Strength + Experience

Construction engineer • main builder 45 years

Interior design • permanent structure • production 12 years

Thematic • museums 8 years

Loyal and satisfied customers 400 plus

Certified ISO 45001:2018

Certified ISO 9001:2015


Unlimited Possibilities

Provide limitless ways and ideas to bring dreams into reality

Top Provider

Our clients are able to have exhibitions around the world

Adhering sustainable and environmentally friendly

construction methodology

Engaging Relationship

We attent to your every queries with timely response and actions

Production Optimization

Seek perfection in all our production

Leading the Way to Sustainability Aehill leads in sustainability as we design and provide construction and services globally. Our product guide of commercial products and services was developed to inspire our customers to deliver the exceptional interiors they envision for themselves and their clients.

At work, in hospitals, classrooms, stores and restaurants, Aehill offers innovative sustainable interior solutions that help to enhance comfort and productivity, save time, improve building efficiency and overall performace, creating beautiful spaces, from Dubai to Shanghai, United Kingdom to Germany.

Our Services

Construction Services

Build residential & non-residential infrastructure, start with planning, design, and financing and continue until the completion and ready for use.

Mechanical Engineering

Provide engineering support for simulation testing, identify and implement new and improved processes, perform technical oversight during testing.

Aehill leads in sustainability
as we design and manufacture.

Project Management

Coordinate with various agencies, direct project site construction forces, coordinate all subcontractor activities, provide survey and layout controls.

We specialize in overall planning, coordination, and control of a project from beginning to completion. We strive to meet and exceed a client's requirement in order to produce a functionally and financially viable project.

Specify Project Objectives and Plans

Delineation of scope, budgeting, scheduling, setting KPIs, and selecting project participants.

Maximize Efficiency

Maximize the resource efficiency through procurement of labor, materials and equipment.

Implementing Various Operations

Proper coordination and control of planning, design, estimating, contracting and construction process.

Productive Communications

Develop effective communications and mechanisms for resolving conflicts

Our story began in 1978 at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, where Aehill was founded, and started the design journey. Team of Aehill is a pioneer in customer satisfaction and quality. As buyer confidence in the Aehill brand of product and service grew, so did our sales. In the mid of 2008, Aehill emerged into a visionary company.

The company began to find new ideas for interior design and let one product use logically led to another. This is natural progression of product development brought the company to its position of leadership in this industry.

What Began More Than 63 Years Ago

Construction Activities

Committed in utilizing and harnessing the earth’s readily available resources in its construction activities. We undertake to be a responsible contractor with environmental impact close to our heart in the construction endeavour. As such, we work towards bringing together all the best aspects of construction for the built environment. Our primary strength lies in our cohesive, experienced human resource founded on teamwork spirit.

Design with Infinite Possibilities

We are a thoughtful, unique interior design, sizes and shapes, thickness and trasitions, accessories and details that optimize design flexibility and allow for infinite design possibilites. Aehill is rooted in design development for each client and product, brought to you with an integrated plan and concept to help you create inspiring spaces.

Modular Design

We are a manufacturer to offer a lot of modular and distinct collections. Colours, patterns, shapes and sizes across our design help create spaces that look and perform exactly as they are meant to. Our complete offering of modular solutions extends your range of choices and your expression to meet the aesthetic, functional and sustainable goals of your project.


Access to accurate, comprehensive technical information is essential to the success of your commercial project. Each space designed has specific purposes, conditions and challenges. We unfold our products to perform in a variety of spaces with different concept and ideas, by following requirements, durability and maintenance options, among other criteria.